What We Do

Our business consists of three pillars.

Trend Forecast

Know What's Next.

Trends constantly change. What sort of mood will the era have? What will be required? Knowing a step ahead into the future is essential for clear and smart decision-making in any business. Knowing helps you prepare for the next change. Knowing helps you grow your business successfully, such as developing new products and services. We create forecasts for “the current trend,” “the coming trend,” and “the macro trend” from an enormous amount of information that exist worldwide, then provide them with selected information that meet your needs, paired with interpretations.


  • Research

    Information gathering by researchers based in major cities worldwide, especially Tokyo.


  • Analyze

    Analysis of collected information and creation of trend forecast.


  • Curate

    Provision of information which suit client needs.


Brand Transformation

Make Purpose the Core of Your Management.

Why does the brand exist? Answering this question is the first and most important step of all the work we do. After defining the brand purpose, we look at all facets of your brand and business through the lens of purpose to design the concept. Finally, with a purpose-driven concept as a foundation, we develop product strategies, marketing strategies, and communication strategies for customers as well as employees.



    Clarify your purpose.



    Derive the big idea.



    Bring your purpose to life.


Why Value "Purpose"

So why purpose?
Purpose explains what your aim is.
Without having it in your path,
you will likely drift away or be distracted by competitors and numbers.

パーパスは、その ブランドの信念を表すものです。 もしそれが明確になっていなければ、

  • Boost the unity of the
    organization and attract
    passionate people
    Purpose provides a worthwhile cause and creates an environment in which people desire to work. It will be possible for existing employees to increase their motivation and attract even more excellent human resources.
    パーパスはやりがいを与え、働きたくなる環境を作ります。既存社員の モチベーションが高まり、また、より多くの優れた人材を引き寄せることが可能になります。
  • Unify the organization's
    With a clear purpose and having it seep into the organization, it will be possible to make important decisions such as the allocation of resources, recruitment, long term strategy planning, and definition of success without going off track.
  • Excellent Performance
  • Strengthen Innovation
    Purpose-oriented companies can always manage themselves from a purpose perspective without being bound to conventional ideas or industrial frames, and can create an environment where innovations could happen easily.
  • Attract customer with a
    high level of loyalty
    Customers who empathize with the purpose have a high level of loyalty. They can also be evangelists who can increase the credibility of your brand
    パーパスに共感する顧客は、ロイヤルティーが高く、またブランドの信 頼性を高める、エバンジェリストにもなってくれます。

Excellent Performance

There are various benefits for companies that transform into purpose-driven firms. This also leads to excellent performance in the end. There are studies and researches about purpose-driven companies at many prestigious universities and consulting firms in the United States, and they have proven that the performance level of purpose-driven companies is higher than that of their competitors. Pursuing the philosophy of your brand and taking proper actions can help achieve good results, business performance-wise as well. Brands that understand and practice this fact are the ones that can get the biggest profit in the long run.

会社がパーパスドリブン企業へ変革することで様々なベネフィットを得ることができます。そして、それが最終的にエクセレント・パフォーマンスにつながります。アメリカの名門 大学やコンサルティング会社の多くでパーパスドリブン企業の調査と研究がなされており、パーパスドリブン企業のパフォーマンスが、競合と比較してより高いことが判明しています。ブランド理念を追求し正しいことをすれば、業績としても良い結果を残すことができる。この事実を理解し、実践し たブランドこそ、長い目で見て最も大きな利益を手にすることが可能なのです。

Experience Design

Make Your Brand Known.

By defining the purpose of the brand's existence, making it seep into people or organizations, and creating a movement, we will realize the transformation of that brand. There are various final outputs including communications for products, shops, advertisements, and PR; or intangible services and higher motivation for employees.


  • Customer
  • Growth
  • Brand Design
    and Activation
  • Product and
    Service Development
  • Marketing
  • Employee

For any branding offers, we will always go back to clarifying the brand's purpose and will devote our efforts to turn your brand into something authentic and excellent.