The Purpose Driven Brand Designing Firm for Clients


  • One thing
  • We find among all leading firms is
  • that they share the same bedrock,
  • namely Purpose.


What we aim for

Management through the Lens of Purpose

  • Mission, vision, and values - an ancient and broken framework.

    For many years mission, vision, and values were the core of business management. The truth is in most companies, mission, vision, and values are merely something they hang on the wall. The truth is employees simply can’t remember so many things.
    We are in an age of uncertainty. We are in an age where simplicity and usability are what matters, yet we are hanging on to an ancient and broken framework developed a century ago when the environment is drastically different from today's. Why are we still using an outdated operating system for business management?


  • A different way.

    There is a different way.
    It's called purpose-driven management - a different way of thinking about management, branding, and marketing. It is a simple, yet powerful, concept at the core of leading companies including P&G, HSBC, BMW, and Whole Foods. In recent years, the concept of purpose has been advocated by business thought leaders including Philip Kotler and Michael Porter.


How we support clients

3 Strategic Steps

By defining the purpose of the brand’s existence, making it seep into people or organizations, and creating a movement, we will realize the innovation of that brand. There are various final brand outputs, such as communications for products, shops, advertisements, or PR; or intangible services and higher motivation for employees. For any branding offers, we will always go back to clarifying that brand’s purpose and will devote our effort to turn your brand into something proper and excellent.


01 PURPOSE Clarify your purpose. パーパスを定義 / 02 CONCEPT Bring your purpose to life.  パーパスを可視化 / 03 PRESENTATION Now, Spread your ideas. パーパスを広める
Why value“purpose”

So why purpose ? Purpose explains what your aim is. Without having it in your path, you will likely drift away or be distracted by competitors and numbers.


  • Unify the organization’s decision-making

    With a clear purpose and having it seep into the organization, it will be possible to make important decisions such as the allocation of resources, recruitment, long term strategy planning, and definition of success without going off track.



  • Strengthen innovation

    Purpose-oriented companies can always manage themselves from a purpose perspective without being bound to conventional ideas or industrial frames, and can create an environment where innovations could happen easily.



  • Boost the unity of the organization and attract passionate people

    Purpose provides a worthwhile cause and creates an environment in which people desire to work. It will be possible for existing employees to increase their motivation and attract even more excellent human resources.



  • Attract customer with a high level of loyalty

    Clustomer who empathize with the purpose have a high level of loyalty. They can also be evangelists who can increase the credibility of your brand



Excellent Performances エクセレントパフォーマンス

There are various benefits for companies that transform into purpose-driven firms. This also leads to excellent performances in the end. There are studies and researches about purpose-driven companies at many prestigious universities and consulting firms in the United States, and they have proven that the performance level of purpose-driven companies is higher than that of their competitors. Pursuing the philosophy of your brand and taking proper actions can help achieve good results, business performance-wise as well. Brands that understand and practice this fact are the ones that can get the biggest profit in the long run.



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  • We help organizations discover their purpose.

    We are the pioneering consulting company of purpose-driven management in Japan. We help clients discover and clarify their purpose, and continue on to reinterpret their business, branding, and marketing strategies through the lens of purpose.


  • Let’s get in touch.

    If you are an open-minded business executive willing to think differently and challenge the status quo of business management, and you would like to harness purpose in your organization to start a movement to do something extraordinary, let’s get in touch.


SMO lnc.

Company Name
SMO Inc.
Head Office
Holland Hills Mori Tower RoP 905, 11-1, Toranomon 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0001 ( GoogleMap >> )
March, 2005
Paid-in Capital
10,000,000 JPY
Hisashi Aoyama
Major Bank
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
〒105-0001 東京都港区虎ノ門5丁目11-1 オランダヒルズ森タワー RoP 905 ( GoogleMap >> )
青山 永

We are a group of passionate individuals that believe purpose driven companies - no matter how big or how small - can do great things and change this world.

Head Consultant / CEO

Hisashi Aoyama

After working for business corporations such as Seibu Saison Group and Royal Holdings, Aoyama worked under marketing consultant Masakazu Taniguchi from 1998, providing consulting for distribution, retailing, and food service firms. In 2004, Aoyama joined in on the establishment of Shibata Yoko Office where he did a wide variety of consulting, such as corporate branding, business production, product development, and human resource training. In 2009, he became the president of SMO Inc (formerly known as Saito & Co). With the aim of passing on outstanding brands to the future, Aoyama is engaged in branding that would essentially build value of the brand which is directly linked to management action. Aoyama graduated from Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA).

青山 永


Managing Creative Director / Founder

Mikiko Saito

After starting her career at Dentsu Inc. and doing a temporary assignment at Dentsu Soken, Saito founded Saito & Co. (later changed to SMO Inc.) in 2005. She does consulting work concentrating on marketing and new product development. Saito graduated from the Department of Economics of Keio University.

齊藤 三希子



Haruko Miyauchi

After working as a PR assistant in the fashion industry, she joined Vis A Vision Inc., an event planning/organizing company for performing arts, where she planned and executed promotion and marketing strategies including organizing promotional campaign events, drafting tour schedule and participating actual tours. She then joined the Event and Outreach team in Moody’s Analytics Japan K.K., and was responsible for corporate communications through planning and organizing a diverse range of outreach activities including teleconference, roundtables, briefings, conference and third party events. After completing her master’s degree in the UK, she joined SMO in 2014 to pursue her career in Brand consulting business, MA in Brands, Communication and Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London. BA in Comparative Culture at Sophia University.

宮内 春子

ファッション業界にてPR職に就いた後、ミュージカルやクラシックコンサートなど海外プロダクションの招聘、興行の企画、宣伝、プロモーション、そして運営を行う株式会社ビザビジョンへ移り経験を積む。その後、ムーディーズ・アナリティックス・ジャパン株式会社に転職、イベント&アウトリーチ部にてセミナー、プロモーションイベント、トレーニングなどの企画・運営を担当し、主に社外向けコミュニケーション向上のための活動に務める。 2012年英国へ留学、2014年にエスエムオー株式会社に加わり、ブランディング業務を行っている。上智大学比較文化学部卒業、ロンドン大学ゴールドスミス校ブランド・コミュニケーション・カルチャー修士修了。


Mayuko Iwata

After graduating from the Department of Housing and Architecture of Faculty of Human Sciences and Design at Japan Women’s University, Iwata joined Kajima Corporation, where she worked in the Real Estate Development Division. She then joined the sales teams of IDÉE Co., Ltd. In 2004 she moved to the U.S. to study textile designs at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Upon returning to Japan, she worked as a catering coordinator at Dean & Deluca Japan, where she was involved in planning, operation, and menu development. Her responsibilities extended to managing specialty boutique apparel shops, concept planning for commercial facilities, and leading the planning and design of new shops, cafes, and restaurants. She joined SMO in 2015, where she currently leverages her experience in retail to help companies build stronger brands.

岩田 真由子


Consultant / Purpose Discovery Facilitator

Justin Lee

After working in Silicon Valley, Justin moved to Asia where he worked as a marketing consultant at PwC Japan helping companies develop marketing strategies for Japan and China. In 2012 he moved to Los Angeles and founded The Purpose Project, Inc. He regularly gives talks on the importance of purpose in business and marketing, and helps organizations discover their purpose and start movements. He is fluent in English, Japanese and Mandarin. He graduated from UC Berkeley and also studied abroad at Hitotsubashi University.


シリコンバレーにあるベンチャーにて、マーケティング効果測定サービスを担当しキャリアをスタート。その後アジアに移り、日本のプライスウォーターハウスクーパース株式会社にコンサルタントとして勤務し、ブランディング及びマーケティング、海外市場参入戦略を担当。2012年、ロサンゼルスに戻り、企業事例とベストプラクティスの調査研究を通じ、パーパス主導企業になるためのノウハウをより多くの人々に伝えるためThe Purpose Project, Inc.を設立。ビジネスとマーケティングにおけるパーパスの重要性について定期的に講演を行ったり、企業や組織のパーパスを見つけ、ムーブメントを起こす活動を支援している。カリフォルニア大学バークレー校卒業(在学中に一橋大学に留学)。日本語、中国語、英語が堪能。

The Purpose Project, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, The Purpose Project, Inc. is a think tank specializing in researching purpose-driven companies. We share insights and best practices with companies and universities around the world through seminars and workshops. We exist to inspire people to discover their purpose, start movements, and achieve greatness.

150 N. Santa Anita Ave. Suite #300
Arcadia, CA 91006